Thus, providing the following services:

  • Leasing
  • Fund Management
  • Financial advisory services
  • Investment advisory


We provide operating finance leasing services to our clientele. We assist our clients to increase financial liberty thereby acquiring the necessary assets at their most convenient terms and conditions.

Fund Management

At Platinum Gold Financial Services Limited, we specialised in Fund Management using our experience in the Money and Capital Market, to ensure safety, and capital growth of our clients’ fund. We also assist our clients with short term financing to meet their business needs.

Financial Advisory Services

Our financial advisory team has extensive expertise in helping our clients to uncover and
manage risk. We offer partial and holistic due diligence solutions throughout legal company valuation.

We also offer fraud risk analysis and staff training programs to build a culture of fraud prevention and control in workplace.

Investment Advisory

We also provide Investment Advisory Services to our clients on making realistic investment and financing decisions. These services are provided at a nominal fee. We give our clients advice and information on various investment opportunities available both in Capital Market, Money Market, Real Estate or Direct investment. In financing, we give advice on the cheapest and safest form of funds and their cost. We assist organisation to prepare feasibility study for investment purposes.